How to Buy Books From Publishers

There are a number of books that are very hard to find. If you are looking for a specific elusive book, the safest option is to try to purchase the book directly from the publisher. On the other hand, this is also the best way if you are buying books for resale reasons, as the publisher is usually in a position to give you wholesale rates that are better than the prices in book stores. Purchasing books right from the publisher is perceived to be difficult but is in fact very easy. There are a lot of ways to buy books directly from publishers.


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    Find the publishers that you want to buy from

    Outline the publishers that you are interested in. You can find a list of book publishers that is complete with their contact numbers and mailing addresses in the resources section. Write a note to the publishers to inquire about the whole catalogue of titles and books they publish. Moreover, you can also talk to them and ask for this catalogue over the phone. A book catalogue will be mailed to the email address or home address you provide to them, naming all of the books that are presently available.

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    Check out the catalogues

    Go through the catalogs you get and choose the books that you want to buy or are interested in. When you have decided the books to purchase, complete the order form that was sent along with the catalogue and mail it back to the publisher for order. If you are a businessman and want a wholesale catalogue, then remember to inform this before you order. This is done because the pricing and minimum order quantities are different for business purposes.

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    Order issues

    A few books can be placed on back order. It can happen that the book you want is currently unavailable in the warehouse. However, when this situation occurs, the book will be placed on back order unless new copies are made and you will be notified of this update.

    The notice will approximately tell how long you will have to wait for the book. Furthermore, expect your order to be shipped in parts as well. If the order is too big and some books are available and others are not, the publishers will send you the available books at that time. He will send the remaining titles at a later date.

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