How to Care for a Beagle Puppy

Beagles are small hounds with long and rounded skull. They are a loyal breed who love to spend time with their owners. The three most famous varieties of beagles include red and white, blue tick and the tri-colour. These dogs aren’t heavy even when they grow up fully. A grown up adult will not weigh more than 25 pounds and would be around one and a half feet tall. Once you buy a beagle puppy, it needs special care as they are extremely energetic and can get themselves into trouble. Therefore, you must keep a close eye once you have decided to keep one.


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    Once you bring home a beagle puppy, simply remove all the objects from the floor. It’s just like you would treat a small child. You need to remove all sharp objects from the ground. The beagle would either step on one, or even end up inhaling one.

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    You need to take special care of the diet plan. Food must be served only three times a day: morning, afternoon and evening. Try not to give the puppy more food than it requires. You will eventually see how they get hyper once you feed them more. Therefore, try to give them one-half a cup of kibble per meal.

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    Make sure that you are giving your puppy some water at every meal. This will help you in potty training your dog. You will know when you need to take it outside so it can urinate.

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    For potty training, you must take your beagle puppy outside after every meal. Moreover, you also need to take it outside right before bed time and after you notice that it has been involved in a lot of activity.

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    During the night, keep the beagle puppy in a crate. This puppy will never urinate inside a crate, which makes it an extremely good tool for potty training. Put a soft blanket inside the crate.

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    Give your beagle puppy a nice bath once in a while. Make sure you don’t try to over-clean it. Use a brush to clean its hair and a towel to give it a good cleaning from under the legs.

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    Make sure you take your puppy out for a walk once a day. Since beagles are extremely energetic, you want them to tire down during the night or they will disturb you during your sleep. Also, offer your puppy a lot of toys to play with so it gets tired.

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    Take your beagle puppy to the vet at least once a month.

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