Natural Straight Hair Care Guide

Tons of women dream of straight hair, and if you have them naturally, you should consider yourself fortunate and care for them. Not only are straight hair easy to manage, they shine nicely, can be styled easily and need minimum maintenance.

However, if you ignore hair care, your straight tresses will lose their vibrancy and become lifeless. Fortunately for you, we here have the perfect straight hair care regimen for you to follow.

Things Required:

– Wide tooth comb
– Brush
– Towel
– Conditioner
– Shampoo
– Heat Protectant (If you blow-dry or flat iron your hair)


  • 1

    Brush your hair

    Start by brushing your hair from top to bottom to remove any tangles, especially after waking up in the morning. Brushing also helps remove naturally broken hair, which shouldn’t alarm you unless you have a major hair fall problem.

    Girl brushing hair
  • 2

    Shampoo them

    Once you have brushed your hair, you can step into the shower and shampoo them.

    -Take a little shampoo in your hands and rub them together to foam it up.

    -Start rubbing the foam thoroughly over your hair, starting from the tips and going all the way up to the scalp.

    -Don’t rub your scalp much to prevent production of sebum. Just rub the shampoo onto the roots of your hair lightly.

    -Even when you are rinsing out the shampoo, gently run fingers through your hair combing them downwards.

    -Make sure your rinse out all the shampoo from your hair and don’t wash them again for at least 3 days. Ideally you should be shampooing your hair only twice a week.

    Girl Shampooing Hair
  • 3

    Apply Conditioner

    Using a conditioner is especially recommended for long hair. If your hair is the dry kind, you should go for a moisturizing conditioner, and if they are oily, stick with a basic one.

    Apply the conditioner the same way you applied the shampoo, by rubbing it upwards from the tips.

    Girl Applying Conditioner
  • 4

    Use a wide-toothed comb

    After applying the conditioner you should use a wide-toothed comb on your hair, going through all the strands slowly. This will ensure that the conditioner is spread out evenly and coats the underlying layers as well.

    Girl using wide comb
  • 5

    Rinse your hair

    Finally you can rinse your hair under the shower to properly remove the conditioner. You should never leave out any chemical products in your hair for longer than a few hours. Once again, run fingers through your hair as you rinse them.

    Girl rinsing hair
  • 6

    Dry and comb

    After you are done rinsing you will need to dry your hair. Don’t take the towel and start rubbing them though. You need to gently pat them dry. Once that is done, you can comb through them again to straighten all the strands.

    Girl Drying Hair
  • 7

    General Tips for Straight Hair Care

    -Get your hair cut after every month and a half to prevent split ends.
    -Always apply a heat protectant before you blow dry your hair for styling or use a curling iron.
    -Avoid shampooing your hair too frequently but you can apply a conditioner every day if required.

    Girl brushing

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