How to Carry an Injured Person by Yourself

In the case of an emergency, you might be required to carry an injured person to a nearby doctor or a hospital. It may be that the individual is close to fire or falling debris and needs to be moved to a safe place as soon as possible. Another scenario is that s/he may be hurt out in the woods or some other secluded area, and need to be taken to a hospital  to receive immediate help.

In the case of a spinal injury, you need to be extremely careful and call an ambulance – do not lift or move the person. However, if the state of the injured person is not too delicate, you can try to carry him/her yourself to a place where he/she can be safe or receive further treatment. There are several ways in which you can carry a hurt person by yourself.


  • 1

    Pull by the ankles

    Grab the injured person by both ankles or pant cuffs. Be aware of the fact that you should carry him or her by using the force in your legs and not the back. Keep your back straight in order to avoid any injuries while moving the victim. In addition, move him/her as straight as you can. Be aware that while carrying the person in this manner, you are not supporting the head or neck. However, this method is effective if it is a smooth surface and you cannot bend over, or if there is the possibility that the person might be exposed to more danger is he/she is lifted up.

  • 2

    Hold the person by his/her clothes

    Grab the injured person’s clothing underneath his or her shoulders. In order to do this, you will need to bend over a little. Support the victim’s head by keeping an arm right by his/her side. Grasp him/her and try to keep his/her upper body as steady and straight as you can. This method is better than the ankle pull as you can support the injured person’s head during the rescue. Nevertheless, it is not good for people who have a history of back injuries prior to this.

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    Place the victim on a blanket

    Spread out a blanket on the surface near the injured person. Lift or roll him/her tenderly on the blanket. Remember that you need to keep his or her head and neck placed properly during this. The ideal place for the victim’s head needs to be around 2 feet from an edge of the blanket. After that, hold the edges around his or her head and start moving the person away. You have to keep your back in a straight position while doing this. In addition, you can also place an arm around his or her back and knees, raise him/her into your arms, and walk away to safety.

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