How to Catch a Rodent with a Paper Towel Roll

Almost every household is currently having, has had, or will have rodent related problems in the future.

This is because rodents are amongst the most common critters to enter households in search of the good life.

They could make their way to your house through the drains, or through doors. These pesky pests seem to stop at nothing once they want to get to a certain place, which is why it makes it very hard to keep them out.

Hence, it is smart to set up a rodent trap which could catch them. Most households don’t always have a rodent trap handy, which is why many are surprised to learn that they can catch these pests with the help of a paper towel roll.


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    Trash Can and Roll

    Find a steel trash can and place it on the edge of a counter or a table. This will be acting as the vessel in which you will be trapping the rodent, so make sure it is durable and not made of something that the pest could easily go on and bite through. Otherwise, you are going to end up with a very angry rodent on your hands, who won’t be stopping at anything to get his revenge.

    Next what you need to do is place the towel roll on the table or the counter. You need to place half the roll on the surface, with the other half hanging over the trash can. The roll will be looking slide away, so it would be smart to use some tape, to keep it in place. Don’t secure the roll with tape, but just use enough to prevent it from rolling.

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    Bait and wait

    The next step is to place some bait into the roll. You need to place some sweet edible item on the edge that is hanging above the trash can and the stronger smell that item has, the better.

    Once you have gone on to place the bait in place, you simply leave the trap set up and then you wait.

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    Collect and dispose

    Once the rodent is trapped in the trash can, you can cover up the trash can and take it out to a forest or another similar area. You can then set the rodent free out in the wild, which would ensure it not being able to find its way back to your house in the near future.

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