How to Catch Tuna from Shore

There is a lot of excitement rolling through a fisherman’s nervous system similar to that of a bolt of lightning, when his fishing rod moves due to the force exerted by a tuna. This is in fact true as the blue fin tuna, which is the biggest kind of fish, weighs more than 1,000 lbs. and is 10 feet long. Nevertheless, there are a number of rules that come into consideration when fishing for tuna. Disregarding them can result in jail imprisonment rather than a mammoth fish. There are several ways to catch tuna from shore with good effect.


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    Why do you have to follow decorum?

    Tuna species consist of the yellow fin, albacore tuna and the blue fin. Blue fin are highly regarded nowadays, and the fish is served in sushi. It also has a big price on it. The international community placed conservative standards on blue fin tuna catches because of the overfishing at the start of the twenty first century. The blue fin tuna is a native to the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean. Some countries place limits on the number and size of blue fin tuna a ship can keep every day. In order to fish for blue fin tuna in the United States, you need to buy a license and follow US tuna fishing rules and regulations.

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    Get the license for tuna fishing

    The National Marine Fisheries Service provides three different licenses for tuna fishing in the country. One kind oversees commercial fishing, the second covers charter boat fishing, where you have to pay to board and fish. The last type is created for recreational fishing from a boat. Be aware of the fact that shore fishing for tuna is prohibited and illegal. If you catch tuna from shore you need to let go of the fish as soon as possible. Remember that tuna fishing license just applies to the boat. If you purchase a license for your vessel but fish on a friend’s boat, then your license is not valid. Moreover, you need to have the license on board while catching tuna from shore.

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    Tuna rules

    After you have got the tuna fishing license, you can catch tuna fish from shore. However, you need to follow certain US laws related to fishing for tuna. Know that recreational fisherman are forbidden to sell the tuna fish that they caught. The size and the quantity of fish are also set at a value.

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