How to Change My Cingular Wireless Number

Mostly known as AT&T, the Cingular Wireless assigns you one exclusive phone number when you purchase its service. It remains your phone number unless you decide to change it due to any specific reason.

A lot of Cingular customers change their phone numbers because they relocate to a new zip code or face too many unwanted calls. The procedure to change phone number is really easy for the AT&T users.

All you need to do is making a phone call to the customer-support line. The operator will guide you through the rest of the procedure.


  • 1

    Make a call to the AT&T customer care center. The customer-support line is 1-800-331-0500. It is better to use a phone other than your AT&T cell phone. Otherwise, the call will be dropped as soon as the company changes your number.

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    Since you are making a call from another number, you are required to input the number you are calling about. Do this, when the automatic phone line asks you to do so.

  • 3

    Press ‘0’ for the entire list of options. For number change option, you are required to talk directly to the customer-service agent. Press ‘0’ another time for this.

  • 4

    You may have to wait a little, as the system transfer your call to the first available agent. After reaching the agent, explain your purpose of call and the reason behind this step.

    Since you are not speaking from your personal number, the agent will ask a few relevant questions to confirm whether you actually own that number. He may ask you to confirm your billing address as well as the final four digits of your Social Security Number.

  • 5

    Tell the customer that you are sure to change your number and agree to the fee, if required. The company typically charges $36 for this service. Drop the call after confirming all the details.

  • 6

    Now check your AT&T phone number to see whether the number has been changed. Usually, the customer-support agent makes a call to your new phone number to confirm that the operation was successful.

    Most of the time, the number is changed immediately. However, the agent may ask you to wait for a few hours. Meanwhile, you old number will stay operational.

  • 7

    If you find no result after the time period told by the agent, make another call to the customer centre and explain your problem. They will surely take immediate action on your complain.

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