How to Choose a Family Bible

Taking into account the mechanical and hectic life that we are living in current times, it is extremely important to take some time out in order to build a strong connection with God. If you are looking to tune into your spiritual side, there is no greater source of communication with God than His own words, which are present in this world in the shape of Holy Books in different religions.

There is nothing like a family Bible, which is an amazing source of  guidance, inspiration, and information. Apart from studying the book and reading out loud from it, you can also use it to keep a record of your family’s history by inking in a family tree inside the cover. A family Bible can be passed from generation to generation, and can turn into one of the most precious keepsakes in your house, equally benefiting the young and the old.


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    Before purchasing a family Bible, the first thing you need to consider is its size, which depends heavily on the kind of uses you plan to put it to. If you want to use the family Bible only at home, you may go for a large size - the large cover will offer more space for a family tree, and the Bible will be a lot easier to read because of the large font size. However, if you plan to keep the family Bible with you on the go, it is recommended that you go for a medium-sized Bible, which will obviously be more convenient to use and easy to carry.

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    Look at the pages available for family history

    Everyone has different preferences and requirements when it comes to the number of pages in the family Bible. If you have a rich family history and are interested in keeping the family records, you should choose a Bible which has additional pages for family history. You should also take into account the style of pages available for family history, and see if it suits your preferences.

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    Cover and binding

    Keep in mind that you are going to use the family Bible to keep a record of your family history, and that it needs to be passed on to the coming generations. Therefore, it must be sturdy and durable enough to hold up under the stress of time and handling. Do not forget to thoroughly examine the cover and the binding of the Bible, and make sure that it is of the highest quality, even if you have to spend a little extra for it.

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    Acid-free paper and artwork

    Acid-free paper is more durable than other kinds of paper; hence, you should look for a Bible that is made of this type of paper. Most family Bibles also have artwork on them; however, if you are one of those who prefer to keep it simple, you can look for a less ornate Bible.

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