Steps To Choose a Journalism School

If you love writing and strive to seek the truth, then perhaps you have what it takes to become a successful journalist. All over the world the number of university qualified professional journalists is growing; however, this does not mean that all these universities have the same standards and are producing journalists of equal stature.

While it takes self motivation to be a successful journalist, tertiary qualifications in this field are crucial in today’s world.

Becoming a well reputed journalist is not easy; you have to be very professional and thorough in your reports which will create your credibility.

Scroll down and follow all the steps in order to get enrolled into a journalism school which is going to be the right pick for you.


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    Before beginning your journalistic journey you first need to identify the right institution to get your degree from. Remember a degree from an institution which has many of its alumni working in the field will be of more use as compared to other schools.

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    Once you have made a list of well established journalism schools that you might join, it is time to scrutinise their faculty. A well known faculty is crucial in this field, as there is no point in learning from the teachers who have never had the pleasure of practicing journalism for a considerable number of years.

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    It is important for journalism schools to have modern courses. If an institution does not offer new media courses it is certainly lagging behind. It is very important for you to join a school which appreciates the importance of digital media and has a proper faculty equipped to teach you how to enhance your journalistic abilities in this field.

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    You need to investigate if your desired university offers specialist qualifications in digital media. Remember basic knowledge in digital media will put you ahead of the rest of the lot.

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    Conduct a survey to see if the students in that particular institution are satisfied with the curriculum and the faculty. Talk to them and learn more about the university before making any decision.

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    Check for any internship programmes offered by that university in order to inject its students into the market. It would be easier for the students to get jobs if they had done internships in news outlets. Remember experience is vital in the field of journalism as no organisation likes green journalists calling the shots right from the get go.

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