How To Choose Tire Chains

Tire chains are an integral part of the car kit for people living in an area with a lot of snowfall. Without proper tire chains, vehicles get stuck in snow and then require the help of a snow clearing wagon to clear the snow and tow them to their destination.

There are many variations of snow chains available in the market which includes the conventional tire chains and some more sophisticated fabric boots for your automobile. Making a decision on which one is suitable for your needs depends on a lot of factors, such as the size of your vehicle and the local weather conditions of the area.


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    Check out local laws

    First of all go through the local laws that deal with road safety and procedures. There are some states which do not allow tire chains where as some states allow them only in a specific season or in a certain area. There is a strict penalty on people defying road laws so if your area does not allow tire chains then just let go of the idea of buying chains.

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    Work out your schedule:

    Choosing a chain depends on how frequently you travel in the snowy and slippery conditions. Decide whether you need chain for small errands only or you have to cover a large portions of the road in snowy conditions.

    If you want to use them for small distances then diamond chains or ladders chains will be suitable for you. Ladder chains causes a bit of vibrations so they are not recommended for long drives. If you travel a lot daily, then rubber cables will be a much better choice than the traditional iron chains.

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    Confirm if the vehicle has ABS brakes

    Check if your car supports traction control or is supplied with the antilock brakes. If yes, than the zigzag chains will be the choice hands down for your car. These types of chain have better traction which works best with the automobiles having the traction control.

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    When to change chains

    Decide how soon you will have to take off the chains and then put them back again. If you live alone and do not have any one there with you to help you, it’s best that you look for a design that is easy to install and remove. Most chains require that you place them in the ground and then roll the tires over to grip them.

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