How to Choose Your Own Nickname to Fit Your Name

A nick name can be used as a sign of both adoration and humiliation. Bad nicks have haunted many of us all through junior school. At the same time, nicks that went with our names sounded fond and loving. Choosing a nick out of your name can at times come naturally to some people without any difficulty while others might get stuck with the dilemma of not finding an appropriate name. The matter is very important because nicks form an essential part of your life. If you do not want people to give you weird nicks out of their own intelligence, choose one yourself. Our step by step guide tells you how to do that.


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    Common nicks:

    Look around you. You may have a common name like John, Alice , Catherine. There are names that are very popular and so are their nicks. If you want to be on the safe side, adopt one of them.

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    Names in your name:

    Write your name down on a piece of paper. Try to make names out of it. Cut it short like cutting William to Willi Alexander for example could be shortened to Alex, a very decent nick.

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    Practice it:

    When you select a nick, speak it out aloud and judge how it sounds. Do some practice with pronouncing it as any friend of yours will do. If it sounds too awkward or hard to pronounce, do not go for it. Ask a family member and close friend about their opinion of the name and ask them to call you a few times by using it. If you like how it sounds, go for it.

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    Online Nick generators:

    There are online websites that offer to choose a nick for you based on your name. They have a large database of nicks used around the world and give you several options to choose from. Some software are so advanced that they decide your nick based on not only your name but also the personality description that you give them.

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