How to Clean a Bird

Do you have a bird that needs cleaning? Do you want to clean it without making it sick? Or do you have a bird which is already dead and you want to clean it? Whatever the case may be, cleaning a bird shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

Birds are small beings and they are barely able to hurt you. Just make sure that they don’t bite and make sure that you keep your hands away from their beaks. The rest is going to be quite an easy job for you as you will pour some water in order to clean the bird.


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    At first, you will require a few supplies in order to start cleaning the bird at hand. Make sure you have each and everything that is required or else it is going to create problems for you later on. Grab two bowls which are shallow enough. You have to be sure that the bird can easily fit inside both the bowls. It doesn’t really matter if they are of the same size, but they should be big enough. Pour some clean water in one bowl, and the other should carry a solution of clean water and soap. Also, try to keep a clean toothbrush and wear gloves if you want to feel extra-hygienic.

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    After you are done getting the required supplies, it is time for you to start giving your bird a bath. Take the bird out of the cage and place it in the first bowl. You have to be sure about a few things over here. First, make sure that the bird does not bite you on your hand, and make sure that its beak is away from you. Secondly, be careful that it does not fly away. Either tie its claws, or cut its wings. With everything set, put the bird in the soapy water.

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    Once the bird is in the bowl with soapy water, use the toothbrush to clean the bird thoroughly. Make sure you do not hurt its eyes, or feathers. That would annoy them. Therefore, make sure that you are handling everything gently.

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    Once you are done with using the toothbrush on the bird, and they are full of soap, it is time for you to drop them into clean water. Gently rinse all the soap off the bird’s feathers and make sure that you do not pour too much water on it at the same time, as that might make them sick.

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