How to Clean Jet Hole in Toilet

Imagine you have someone special at your place, and when they want to use your bathroom they find your toilet clogged. A slow flushing toilet is a very common issue these days. Including a clogged toilet jet, there can be several reasons behind this problem.

If you are facing any problem of this nature, there is no need to push the panic button. There are specialists available to do this job, but one can easily unclog the toilet jets on his own with the help of a few very simple household items.

First of all, you need to realise that there is an obstruction in the bowl’s rim. This problem must be solved as quickly as possible, because toilets don’t take much time in accumulating unwanted deposits.

Things Required:

– Gloves
– Disposable pocket mirror
– Thin wire pieces
– Brush
– Bowl cleaner
– Bucket
– Plastic cup
– Duct tape
– One-half gallon of vinegar


  • 1

    Put on your gloves, and prepare your mind. In order to detect signs of clogged jet holes, you need to place a small pocket mirror underneath the toilet bowl rim. Take a closer look, and try to get an idea about the cause of clogging.

  • 2

    Now, insert a thin but strong wire into the clogged jet hole, and try to scrape out the debris. Make sure you don’t scratch the bowl.

    Clear all the jet holes under the bowl rim by repeating the same procedure as many times as required.

  • 3

    Also use the wire in the siphon jet hole that is located at the bottom of the bowl. Again, you need be very gentle, making sure you don’t damage the bowl.

  • 4

    Use a brush to remove any remaining deposits under the rim and near the siphon jet hole. You can be a bit vigorous at this stage.

  • 5

    After you are done with the scrubbing, flush the toilet and see whether the water flow is normal. This procedure must solve your problem, if the clogging is not too big.

  • 6

    If you are facing heavy mineral deposit build-up, you need to go a few steps ahead. Dry the bowl and rim by removing the water with the help of a plastic cup. Make sure you pour a bucket of clean water before starting the procedure.

  • 7

    Close the holes by placing duct tape. Pour a half-gallon of vinegar, and allow it to stay in the channels for at least half an hour. Now, scrub with the wire, and flush the toilet time and again.

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