How to Clean Up After a Flood

The devastation caused by a flood can be beyond any limits. People living in the areas which are prone to occasional floods suffer the greatest from the ruins caused by this natural hazard. Once the flood water is drained off, a hectic job of cleaning up the mess starts and you have to be an active member of the process. You need to know some important tasks to be done while cleaning up the devastation caused by a flood at your home.


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    Flood brings along a lot of mud and it accumulates around your house in layers. This mud is often contaminated and also creates foul smell after flood water drains out. Use a shovel to scratch out as much mud as you can. Don’t forget to wear gloves and boots while shovelling the mud and then hose off the remaining.

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    You have to clean all the areas of your house which came into contact with flood water. Walls, floors, shelves, kitchen counters or any other surface, all areas need to be cleaned effectively. Add two tablespoons of chlorinated bleach into a gallon of warm water and scrub your house. This will remove contamination and other germs which flood brought along.

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    As for the clothing, rugs, furniture, curtains and other such items, you have to expose them to air and sunlight. Take these items out of the house and place in open air for 5 to 6 hours. If any household item is badly damaged by the flood and you cannot disinfect it properly, it is better to throw it off.

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    Run a dehumidifier or air conditioner in your rooms to eliminate air moisture from your house. Ventilate air through your house by opening up the windows and turning on fans. Use a car vacuum pump to remove any mildew.

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    Any flood-damaged insulation, wallboard, panelling or plaster needs to be replaced.

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    Wooden floors are also badly affected by flood water. You have to pull up the flooring and allow the sub-flooring to dry up completely.

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    You need to clean up debris and mud from other things in your home, like photographs, important papers and books.

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