How to Clear Acne Through Colon Cleansing

A lot of people suffer from the problem of acne and are unsure on what to do to get rid of the issue. Many dermatologists would suggest the use of antibiotics which will better your skin but their use will heal the skin temporarily. You must perform a colonic cleanse to get rid of acne on a permanent basis. There are different ways through which you can do that. Drink plenty of water every day, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, exercise on a regular basis and consume a balanced diet.

You can also follow the colonic irrigation procedure. This needs to be performed by a professional colonic therapist.


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    Drink plenty of water

    The Colon cleansing process involves drinking a lot of water. You must drink plenty of water throughout the course of the day as it is effective in clearing toxins from your body. Many nutritionists claim that you should drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily. You can also drink fluids if you are not drinking water. These may include fruit juices or vegetable juices that are better for the skin.

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    Eat fruits and vegetables

    Eating fruits and vegetables every day will also help your cause. The fruits and vegetables will increase the amount of fiber in your body which will in turn clean the blood. Clean blood will help in decreasing the acne on your skin.

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    Routine exercise

    Colon cleansing can also be done with the help of regular exercise. You must take good care of your health to stay away from obesity. The more physically active you are, the more active your inner body is. Running, swimming and cycling are very good ways to stay fit. You must make a routine and follow it on a daily basis.

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    Consume a balanced diet

    Avoid any fried foods or meals that may have excess oil. Oil is a component that causes acne and you need to avoid it. Stay away from fatty food and fast food, and consume a healthy diet that may include fiber rich supplements.

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    Colonic irrigation

    This is a process carried out by your doctor. You will have to take an appointment to undergo this procedure as it involves pumping warm water into the colon.

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