How To Clear Up Blemishes on African American Skin Naturally

You need to work hard to get flawless skin. It is not just the creams you use in this case, the intake of food and water is also a crucial factor. African American skin is sensitive and requires a lot of care as blemishes can cause the skin to darken. Usually commercially made products damage your skin rather than helping it as not all products suit your skin type.

There are a host of natural ways through which you can get rid of the blemishes on your skin. Consuming the right quantities of water, fruits and healthy food can help you in a great way.


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    Drink as much water as you can

    Water intake is very important if you need to have a good skin. Excess of water cleans the blood and helps in removing infections from the body which reflects eventually on your skin. Consume at least eight glasses of water during the day. This will help keeping your skin healthy and soft. Try to avoid cola drinks as they dry the skin and are also harmful for the body

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    Eat fruits and food that is healthy

    It is extremely important to monitor your diet if you need to take care of your skin. The use of fried oily foods should be minimal as that could results in pimples. Consuming fruits such as Oranges, grapefruits and lemons will certainly improve the texture of your skin and will reduce blemishes. The fruits’ skins can also be applied directly to the affected areas for better results

  • 3

    Use of Neem leaves

    Neem is extremely good for blemishes, dark spots and rough skin. Use soaps or face washes that have Neem ingredients for best results. Neem masks are also available in the market and are hugely effective on all types of skins

  • 4

    Drink Green tea

    Green tea has many benefits and apart from weight loss, it is also very good for skin. The tea contains a host of minerals and vitamins that help the skin and they are especially very good for people who have oily skin

  • 5

    Use potatoes to treat the blemishes

    Potatoes can cure blemishes and skin irritation. They can be cut and placed on the skin for some time to get the desired results. Place them for at least 30 minutes before washing your face. Another way to use the potatoes would be to apply it as a mask. The potatoes can be mashed and cooled down for some time for that

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