How to Climb a Coconut Tree

Climbing a coconut tree can be a tough thing to do; primarily because of the smooth trunk. However, with enough practice and a number of failed attempts under your belt, you should be able to climb a coconut tree fairly easily. Physical fitness and some patience will be required on your part. The rest should be routine. Here is what you need to know if you are planning to climb a coconut tree in order to get your share of the special sweet treat that a coconut tree has to offer.


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    With your face towards the tree, place your dominant hand at the side of the tree which is opposite to the place where you are standing. Now place the non-dominant hand on the other side of the tree. You will need to apply and maintain a constant amount of pressure on both sides of the tree while climbing. Moreover, the magnitude of the pressure you apply should be enough to support your weight.

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    Bend your knees just a little bit and position your feet on both sides of the tree. When you start climbing the tree, the bottom parts of your feet should be facing each other.

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    Grip the tree tightly with both of your arms and use your feet to support the weight of your body.

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    Start climbing the tree in a hopping motion. Use your arms to hold yourself tightly to the tree and simultaneously move your feet up the tree in small steps. Remember that the force of gravity would be acting against you while you are climbing so make sure that the force you exert is enough to support your weight on the tree.

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    In order to stabilise yourself when you reach the top of the tree, keep your feet stationary and apply pressure with your arm on one side of the truck. Free a few coconuts by twisting them to make the coconuts fall to the ground with your free hand.

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    In order to climb down the coconut tree, grip both sides of the trunk and slide down your feet in small steps until you reach the bottom of the tree. Try not to bruise yourself while climbing up or down the tree.

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