How to Clip Your Birds Wings

You can curtail flight of bird pets by cutting or clipping their wings. The process is very simple, you just need scissors and know how shorten wings can be to prevent birds from flying away. However, make sure you do not clip wings too much that it cuts roots of the feathers in the process. Just clip wings in a way that the birds should be able to jump around freely. Avoiding the possibility of injury is another important factor that you should consider while clipping your birds wings.


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    Protect Your Hands

    Before clipping wings of your bird make sure your hands are safe from sharp nails of the birds. The protection of hands is also essential as you may slip the scissors by sudden movement of the bird during the clipping process and it injures your hand. You can either wrap a towel around your hand or use gloves while clipping the wings.

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    Holding Bird

    Catch the bird from bottom, just under the wings, and hold it tightly. While holding the bird, spread one wing on the hand that is protected by towel or gloves. Stretch the wing out the way the bird does just before flying. Then gradually cut the wings as much as you want with one hand, while holding the bird with the other. Make sure the bird does not move, as the movement can cause misplacement of the scissor and it can cut through wings at the wrong place.

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    Clipping Feathers on Both Sides

    Make sure you clip feathers on the wings on both sides, equally. The clipping should be deep enough that the bird cannot fly but not too deep that it injures feathers' roots. The damage to roots may cause stoppage of feathers growth permanently. This will affect the bird's movement completely, and might also affect its health. Also, both feathers should be equal in length after clipping. After clipping the wings, leave the bird to move freely or cage it for while and feed it with food.

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