How To Colour Eyebrows with Eye shadow

Due to the easy availability of artificial colours more and more people are opting for hair colours other than their natural colour. However, it is unsafe to use the standard hair dye for colouring eye brows. But there are many techniques available to match the colour of your eye brows with your new hair colour without the use of the standard hair dyes. Or, you may want to colour your eye brows differently from your hair colour, just to give them a distinctive look.

Things Required:

– Coloured brow pencil
– Coloured brow gel
– Eye shadow
– Slanted eye shadow brush
– Hair dye
– Q-tips


  • 1

    First of all decide what colour you want for your eye brows. The choice of the colour depends on your personal preference as well as your natural hair colour. If you use a hair dye to colour your hair, you can choose the same colour for colouring up your eye brows.

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    Purchase an eye brow pencil. Use the pencil to darken the brows, it is one of the simplest ways to colour your eye brows to match your hair colour. But for that, you will have to choose the pencil colour to match your hair colour.

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    Use an eye shadow to brush your eye brows. Eye shadows are one of the most commonly used materials for colouring of eye brows. They come in variety of colours, so it’s easier to match your hair colour by using eye shadow. The shadow should be powdered and in dry form, use a slanted brush to apply the powder on your brows.

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    Buy a coloured gel and set it up. Go for those items that give you a bit of colouring but their emphasis is on helping you tame your brows. Wear gloves and apply the coloured gel on your brows carefully. Work on one brow at a time. If you wear contact lenses remember to take them off first before applying the paste.

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    The best way to match the brow colour with the hair colour is to use a hair dye. However, as mentioned earlier it is not the safest of procedures, care must be taken when applying dye to the brow. It should never make its way inside the eyes, however, if somehow it does, rinse your eyes with fresh water till the irritation stops.

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    Go to a professional colouring artist to help you achieve the look you want. They are expensive no doubt, but you can never get the same look in your home all by yourself.

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