How to Connect a PC Laptop to a TV

PC laptops are a huge convenience, as one can use it anywhere and anytime. However, the viewing experience offered by the PC laptops is not very satisfying. There are also many Internet websites that allow users to stream movies online. In order to enjoy the movies and other media content such as pictures on a bigger screen, a lot of TVs and PC laptops come with connects that make it possible to connect the two devices with each other. You will just need to have a TV and PC laptop with correct connections and an appropriate cable to connect the two devices.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the TV that you are looking to connect your PC laptop to has the proper connections. You will basically be searching for an S-video connection if your TV and PC laptop are a bit old. In case you have a plasma TV, LCD or LED TV, then you will be searching for a HDMI slot. Checking the TV for the proper connections or slot is imperative as the old TVs do not have the connections required to connect with a PC laptop. You should not run into a complication if you are using a new TV, as it has become a standard to have a HDMI or an S-video connection on a TV. Some TVs come with additional connections, giving you a wider range of options to connect an external device with your TV.

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    The next thing that you need to do is to ensure that the PC laptop that you want to connect with a TV has the appropriate connection on it. Depending on the model of your PC laptop, you will have different connections. In case you are using an old PC laptop, your laptop may have an S-video connection. The latest PC laptops come with a HDMI slot, thus making it extremely convenient to connect them with the TV. You will also have to ensure that the PC laptop has a built-in video card, a component that is missing in old PC laptops.

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    Once you have checked the TV and PC laptop to ensure that they have the proper connections, obtain the appropriate cable to connect them. If you have found an S-video connection on both the TV as well as the PC laptop, then get your hands on an S-video cable. If you are dealing with HDMI connections, get a HDMI cable.

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    Switch off the TV and PC laptop and connect them with each other using an appropriate cable.

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