How to cool a Horse after Riding

Horses have extra heat in their bodies which can become dangerous if it is not taken care of properly. Hard work, standing in an enclosed area and riding can produce heat inside a horse. Like humans, if the core temperature of a horse gets too high, the result can be fatal. It is important to take the necessary steps to cool off the horse quickly. There are different methods that you can use to cool a horse down after riding which can be applied in both the summer and winter.

Things Required:

– Water Hose
– Bucket
– Cold Water


  • 1

    Do not be scared to cool off the horse quickly as this is not dangerous for these animals. The quickest and easiest process to cool down your horse is by pouring cold water over the animal. A single bucket of water will not do, so you need to hose down the horse or can use a lot of water buckets for this purpose. If you have a helping hand, then you and your partner can use a sponge and a bucket of cold water which will help in lowering the temperature of the horse. You need to focus on the horse’s abdomen, chest and the legs because cooling down these areas will quicken the entire process.

  • 2

    In case the horse is really hot after a long run, then you can use water with ice, however, you should not do this without the supervision of a professional.

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    In moderate weather, walking a horse will cool them off, as long as the animal is not hot. However, you will not be doing the horse any favour by walking him under the blistering sun.

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    You can install a removable fan in the barn and place it at a considerable distance from the horse before turning it on which will help in cooling the animal down. Remember, to tie the horse before you use the fan. However, this will be a slow process on a hot summer day.

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    In the winter, steps need to be taken to prevent the horse from getting chilled after being wet. A horse with a heavy winter coat needs to be clipped in case you are working the animal hard, as this will prevent the hair from holding sweat. However, before clipping you can walk your horse in order to get his temperature back to normal. It is recommended that you cover the horse with a cooling sheet when it is cold and breezy out. This will keep his body heat close while at the same time block the breeze until the animal dries off.

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