How to Cover Up Bad Eyebrows

A well done eyebrows add an expression to face. For example, you can look more friendly with a bright and attractive face. On the contrary, a bad done eyebrows can reflect you in a state of anger or uneasiness. It is not necessary you do your eyebrows according to their natural outline or your bone structure. You can bring a lot of amendments with selection of right shades and colours from your makeup. Also, selection of a right colour keeping in view the setting of your surroundings will accentuate beauty of your face.


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    Use of Tint

    You can tint colour your eyebrows to change tone of their colour, to more darken or from red to brown. Let the tint sit on your brows for a couple of minutes before you remove it to see the impact. If you are not satisfied, use it again second time and see if there is some progress in comparison with the first coat.

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    Taupe Eye Shade

    You can gently stroke the colour on your eye shadow to see the difference. You can choose the taupe colour shade according to your choice of your eyebrows colour tone. If you want them to be darker, choose a dark colour shade.

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    Chola Eyebrows

    You can completely draw your eyebrows with a new colour after concealing the natural one. Glue your natural eyebrows and then select a concealer colour and cream to conceal the original eyebrow, and then select colour pencil to draw your eyebrow completely new. This technique is called Chola Eyebrows, but you can do it without even doing Chola eyebrows. In chola, you apply heavy makeup, but you can draw new eyebrows without applying heavy makeup.

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    Modify Natural Eyebrows

    You can use any colour from your makeup to give a new shape to your eyebrows by adding colour at some places and widening the outline at certain places. You can also use a concealer at some places to give the new shape to your eyebrows the way you want. Concealing your brows at a place and angling it at another will completely give a new expression to them.

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    Hear Styling

    You can also use your hear style to cover up for bad eyebrows. If your hair falls on the eyebrows it can work as a cover for the eyebrows. You can seek help of a professional hair designer or artist.

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