How to Create a Long Maze with Friends

Did you try to make a maze with your friends? It seems easy, but it’s true that each and every one of you has a distinct maze. You all know where to enter, you all know what to do, and you all have a different pathway. That explains how different ideas that float inside you will help you make up a totally different maze and it will eventually help you create a maze that you yourself were not planning in the first place. Therefore, try to make a maze with your friends, it will really help you.


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    You need to start off by creating an opening for your maze. You need to set up the right opening as the maze is not going to be successful without the perfect opening. Therefore, try to open the maze in the best way possible. It will be ideal that each and every person/friend who is creating the maze, he/she should have a different coloured marker and that will really help differentiate between the different openings, and the different style of mazes that are going to come into play.

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    Ways and people

    With different people, there should be different ways. Each and every player who is a part of this maze-game should have a different way, made out of different traps. The same type of maze should not be created for the same players as it is not going to be fun. And while you are busy making the different ways in the mazes, one has to be the right one as that one person is going to reach the end eventually.

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    Defined path

    Make sure that the maze you are creating, it has a defined path. It becomes difficult for the person to use the pathway if it is not defined. Each and every pathway should have its traps, and each and everything that all the other pathways involve. However, it should be kept in mind that only one path is the correct one and it is the only one which leads to a final destination while the others lead you nowhere.

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    New person

    One you have completed that side of the paper where each and every person has created a pathway, there will be only a single winner. That one person who has managed to win and has reached the final destination, it is now his/her duty to create new pathways for you and the game begins all over again.

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