How to Create Custom T-Shirts for Dogs

Creating customised t-shirts for your dog not only helps you implement your ideas but it also strengthens your bond with the dog. Just like us, the personality and traits of the dogs vary from one another, thus you should make customised design shirts for your dog. Unlike in the past, the technological advances provide great facilities and you do not have to depend on the shop owners, but you can design the shirt of your choice at home. You must focus on the design that you want to create on your dog’s shirt.


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    Choose a t-shirt of your own choice

    For this, you must first choose a t-shirt of your own choice. Keep in mind the design and colours you want to apply before making the purchase decision. You should not buy a t-shirt that is of inappropriate size or colour for your dog but choose the one that looks fit on him. For this, you can visit the pet stores in your locality or check the online websites that offer these facilities to the customers. Beware of the scammers as you do not want to lose your money on fake online portals.

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    Create the design

    After you have bought an appropriate shirt for your dog, you must take hold of a paper and pen and start creating your designs. Remember that do not directly draw the design on shirt as you first practice it and try to improve it. Drawing the design on paper or any other stuff will help you critically evaluate it and make adjustments according to your preference. You can take ideas from the internet or other t-shirts and make changes to them according to your taste.  You can also print pictures on the shirt if you want.

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    Look out for borders

    After you have created the design, you must measure the size of the t-shirt and look out for borders as you should not print on them. After you have taken the measurement, now you should make sure that your customised design falls perfectly in the available space for printing.

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    Print design

    After everything is ready, now you must print the design on the t-shirt by the method of your choice. You can paint the design on the dog’s t-shirt if you are good with your hands otherwise you can use printable iron to accomplish your purpose.

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