How to Darken Light PDF Files

Do not get an impression that you cannot modify or adjust colour of PDF files. You can improvise the colour scheme of these files including shade of the colour itself. If a file is in a light shade, you can darken it as much as you want. The process is easier as compared with editing functions of some other files.

Just follow a few simple steps in Adobe’s setting and you can move the colour shading both ways, lighten or darken it. ┬áThis is not just the background colour of the file itself but colour of text and margins or styling if it is with the file.


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    Adobe Reader

    Make sure you have an installed Adobe Reader software on your system, if it is not, you can get it downloaded from Adobe's official website. It is completely free and you can download the latest available version with a delicate touch and click of the tabs. Once you have downloaded, install it on your system.

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    Launch of Editing Option

    From the menu bar of your Adobe Reader, which you have just installed on your system, click 'Edit' button and it will show a menu bar or a small gray window pane downwards. You can select 'Processing' option by clicking on the drop-down menu bar.

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    Access of Colours Option

    When you click on the preferences from the drop-down bar, click on 'Accessibility' hyperlink and it will take you to the colours document with the Adobe system, on the left pane of the interface window. This shows the Document Colour Option and you can tick the box under the Colour Option, next to the Replace Document Colours.

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    Selection of Colours Combination

    From the drop-down arrow in the Replace Document Colours, click next to Use High-Contrast Colour Combination and then click on one colour contract combination. You can also perform the same process or choose the same colour combination by clicking on radio button next to the Custom Colour and then select colour of the Page Background and text.

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    Verify Results

    Once you have performed these tasks, click OK button to see if the colour of your PDF file has adjusted as per your desire. You can go back and perform the same function if you want to make any further adjustments.

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