How to Deal With Frustration

If you have work stress, someone bringing you down, tension at home or even a sudden change of plans, your mood will become discouraged or frustrated. There is no need to get worried, however, as with some simple tips and useful guidelines, you can easily cope with your frustration. Keep in mind that frustration is a form of poorly expressed anger and is a part of life. However, if you control your emotions, you can prevent your frustration from surfacing.


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    Look for triggers

    You should check for things that trigger your frustration. It might occur due to impatience at the speed of people or a system, slow interpretation of facts by another person, lack of reliability of a person or an item, poor communication, and wanting things your own way. You should note down all of the triggers which you encounter and try to find ways to deal with them. In case you are frustrated with traffic, for example, you can avoid the rush hour by venturing out earlier or later.

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    Breathe deeply and start counting

    You can always take a deep breath and start counting whenever you feel frustrated. It is better to moderate your reaction instead of unleashing your frustration. You can take one deep breath and then start counting to 10 in order to ward off your frustration.

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    Accept life as it is

    In life, you will come across many bad experiences. You should accept life as it is. Ponder over difficult situations in your life and think about how you can change the current state of affairs.

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    Do not take anything personally

    It is strongly recommended that you do not take anything personally. Frustration is usually formed by being let down by people you care about the most, getting stuck in traffic, being shouted at by someone you care about, or even by a few common things. Do not take it personally as people may not mean what they say. They might have their reasons or may be depressed. Their behaviour is nothing to do with you so ignore them and talk to them when their mood is normal again.

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    Lower your expectations

    It is strongly recommended that you lower your expectations in order to avoid frustration. Frustration is usually built up when things don’t go the way you expect them to go. If you are constantly being let down and becoming frustrated, then you need to assess the pressure you exert on others, on your life, and on yourself.

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