How to Deal With Pain While Getting a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a very painful process. Since everyone handles pain differently, it is extremely important for you to determine how you will cope up with the pain before you decide to have a tattoo. If your fear of pain is keeping you away from getting a tattoo, some simple guidelines and tips might come in useful. Keep in mind that getting a tattoo in some areas especially over a bone is a lot more painful as compared to areas where there is muscle.

Things Required:

– Anti-inflammatory medication
– Small snack
– Water
– Chewing gum
– Fan


  • 1

    Consume anti-inflammatory medication

    You should consume non-narcotic anti-inflammatory medication such as Advil in order to reduce the intensity of pain you endure. In addition to this, these pills won’t make you drowsy. It is strongly recommended not to consume prescription pain killers as the amount prescribed will literally knock you out. You should also avoid drinking alcohol before getting a tattoo. This is because alcohol thins your blood leading you to bleed more. In addition to this, artist won’t draw a tattoo on a drunken customer.

  • 2

    Eat food items which are high in protein

    It is recommended to consume something which is high in protein. This is to increase your energy level and help your body resist pain better. 

  • 3

    Drink a lot of water

    It is strongly recommended to drink a lot of water before, during and after you get a tattoo. Keep in mind that suffering from significant pain will cause your body to heat up and sweat more. Since you will lose a lot of water, you should keep your body hydrated.

  • 4

    Chewing gum

    You should chew gum in order to divert your attention. In case your mind is focused on a repetitive action such as chewing gum, incessant blinking or clicking your teeth together, then it will lower the amount of pain your body can register.

  • 5

    Aim a fan at your head and upper body

    You should aim a fan at your head and upper body. Many shops have fans but it is recommended to bring a small fan with you when you go to tattoo artist. This will not only keep your temperature stable but will also prevent you from fainting.

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