How to Decide Where to Live after Military Retirement

Are you finding a suitable place to live after getting retired from the military? This is the question that comes everyone’s mind so do not worry as you just like many others. The reason is that your income decreases to a significant level as you do not get different allowances while living a retired life.

This can be a real test for you as there are lot of things that one should consider while choosing a place to live. However, you can overcome all the difficulties and keep an enjoyable lifestyle by following some simple tips.


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    Make a list of the options:

    You should start with making a list of all options. Ask your family members to give suggestions and then shortlist few places. You will have to consider many more things before deciding the location.

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    Consider the price of property:

    You should determine how much you can spend on this venture. You must keep in mind that you cannot afford much so it’s better to find some place in an economical area. Moreover, you should also decide whether to live in a house or an apartment. You can save money by purchasing an apartment but if you have a big family then it’s better to buy a house.

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    Check the quality of life:

    Next thing you should check is the quality of life in that area. This includes everything, outdoor parks, educational opportunities, medical facilities, law and order situation etc. Though, you will have to do extensive research for this purpose but ultimately you will live a trouble free life.

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    Consider the methods of transportation:

    You must ensure that the place you are going to live is easily approachable. You should choose an area which is close to main highways, train station and airport. Moreover, the public transport should be available at any time. Though, privacy is also important but you must live nearby your relatives so that there is always someone to help you in case of an emergency.

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    Local climate:

    You should keep the local climate in mind before moving to the place. Sometimes, a place is really good for the summer but the very place is not suitable for the winter. Make sure that you are going to the place where you can enjoy all seasons.

  • 6

    Make a decision:

    You must remember that you won’t find everything in one place so lock the area which suits you the most.

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