How to Decorate a Display Easel for Gallery Shows

Even if you are done with the creative process and a gallery has been arranged for your art show you still need to do lots of things. Sometimes just the presentation can reduce the importance of your master piece so you should be more creative in displaying your items on an easel.

Mostly, people do not give importance to the decoration of the display easel and present their pieces of art on plain easels. There are also people who decorate easel in a way that it distracts the visitors from art.

However, you can do it perfectly by decorating it according the theme of the show and genre of the artwork.


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    First thing you need to do is to keep in mind the overall look of the gallery and theme of the show as there can be some specific colours involved. Follow the colour scheme but do go over the top with these colours.

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    You can paint the easel so that it compliments theme of the show. You can make easel a piece of art by writing beautiful quotations or painting some designs on it.

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    Get inspired by the nature and use matching coloured flowers or bunches. You can even fix dry flowers at top of the easel. It will give it an interesting look which is artistic as well.

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    Put the easel on a table and placed few books about the artist. If you have one of the art pieces in the book, then open the book to that page. You can also put visitors’ book on another easel and give your guests an opportunity to express their views on your art work.

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    If it is a painting exhibition, then you can attach used paint brushes with an easel that has couple of strokes of those brushes. This will really help you to set the tone of the exhibition.

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    Place candle stands of different heights and light these candles up. You can use fragrant and colourful candles for a pleasant effect on the atmosphere. However, do not put them too close to your easel as heat or smoke of these candles can cause damage.

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    Place three or four easels of different sizes in a row and display your items. However, these pieces of art should be from same genre otherwise there won’t be any sense in putting these easels next to one another.

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    You may use paper fans, silk flowers or grape leaves on the easel to make it more attractive.

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