How to Decorate Valentine Sugar Cookies

Making and decorating Valentine Sugar Cookies is a fun activity. Making Valentine’s Day Sugar cookies is simple and easy while decorating those cookies is an art. Even if you make simple cookies, decorating them properly can make them look attractive and delicious. You can check out How to Make Valentine Heart Cookies and then read this to know how you can decorate them. You can give your Valentine Sugar Cookies any shape that you want, but since you are preparing them for Valentine’s Day, making them like hearts is recommended. Once you have prepared your sugar cookies, follow the guide below to decorate them.


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    Decorating Valentine Sugar Cookies with pink icing

    Take a bowl and pace 3 tablespoons of white frosting in it. Add one drop of red food coloring to make a pink icing for your Valentine Sugar Cookies. Now you can decorate your cookies in various ways with the help of this nice pink icing:

    Ice your cookies with the help of a knife or a frosting spatula and sprinkle coloured sugar. You can add two sugar colours as well.
    You can make different designs with the help of the pink icing.
    You can outline your cookies with heart shapes as well.
    Write Valentine’s Day messages on your cookies for your loved ones.

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    Decorating Valentine Sugar Cookies with red icing

    Add 3 tablespoons of white frosting and three to four drops of red food colouring to a mixing bowl to form a deep red icing.

    Spread the deep red icing on your Valentine Sugar Cookies and sprinkle multicoloured sugar on them. You can also sprinkle pink sugar to enhance their appearance.
    Make an outline with the help of your deep red icing.
    Make small beautiful red hearts on your cookies.
    Write some Valentine’s Day messages on the cookies.
    You can make different shapes or different lines on your cookies.
    You can sprinkle multicoloured toppings as well.

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    Decorating Valentine Sugar Cookies with red and pink icing

    Mix the above mention deep red and pink icing to decorate your Valentine Sugar Cookies.
    Make multiple designs on your cookies using a pastry coupler and pastry bag etc.
    Outline your cookies with hearts and fill different shapes with pink or deep red and pink icing.
    You can make different designs by combining the two icing in various ways. Make some vertical, horizontal and zigzag lines as well.
    You can sprinkle red sugar on the cookies with pink icing and pink sugar on the cookies with deep red icing as well.

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    Decorating Valentine Sugar Cookies with candy treats

    Ice your cookies with red or  pink frosting in various thicknesses and patterns. Now, simply add different candy treats to the tops of your cookies.

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    Decorating Valentine Sugar Cookies with glaze-like icing

    For a glaze-like icing you have to apply the mixtures before baking your Valentine Sugar Cookies. What you have to do is take one egg yolk and one drop of red food colouring, beating them a small mixing bowl until they form a paste. Now spread the liquid egg mixture over the top of your Valentine Sugar Cookies and bake them as mentioned in the recipe. You will see that the egg-mixture will harden into a smooth, pink, glaze-like icing, giving a nice look.

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