How to Develop a Photographic Memory

It is said that there are very few people in this world that actually have a photographic memory. The ability to remember everything exactly as you see or read it is a unique ability. Many scientists feel that having a photographic memory is something that we all have the potential of learning. The possibilities are endless if you can develop a photographic memory as this ability can definitely help you with your daily life. If you want to develop a photographic memory there are a few easy to do methods that you can try to help you. However, developing a photographic memory takes time and requires a lot of patience.


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    Find a quiet place to sit:

    Find a nice quiet place to start your photographic memory training. Be sure that you are not disturbed by anyone while you sit there. You will need to use this place for a few minutes every day to develop your skills.

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    It is very important that while sitting in your quiet place you learn to relax. Do some deep breathing exercises and try to take all of your thoughts out of your mind.

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    Select what you want to memorise:

    While relaxing and sitting alone quietly, you should select a few typed pages from a book or novel that you can use to start developing your photographic memory.

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    Cut out paper square:

    Get a piece of black cardboard paper and cut out a square window from it. You will use this to place on top of the text that you want to memorise.

  • 5

    Place paper square on text:

    Put the paper square that you made earlier and place it on top of the text. Move both the text and paper square back and forth until you are able to get them in to focus.

  • 6


    Once you have focused on the text inside the paper square, turn the lights off. For a few seconds you will see the text imprinted. Turn the lights back on again.

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    Repeat the process of turning the lights on and off again as the paper square gives you a nice visual impression in the dark.  Keep repeating this exercise until you are able to read the text clearly from the imprint in your mind. You will have to do this exercise a few times per day for around a month or two to fully develop your photographic memory. Remember to be consistent with this training as your mind will start to get used to memorising all types of text that you focus on. Once you get to a stage where you do not need to use this method of turning the lights on and off, you will hopefully be able to hone your skills in natural light.

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