How to Disguise an Ugly Filing Cabinet

One thing that every household has is furniture. You can’t live any where without having furniture. This is because furniture helps make life a whole lot more convenient for you and everyone who lives with you. It makes it easier to do things and to go about your day to day routines.

Now furniture is also essential to have in an office. This is because you need a place to store things, and to help set and organize people and other objects.

One of the articles of furniture that are a part of every office is a filing cabinet. This is where you store all your files, and then later come back to them to check them out and see just what really needs to be done.

However, these cabinets tend to usually be very ugly and they need some disguising, so they don’t ruin the image of the whole place.


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    So the first thing that you need to do, is to go to work and figure out if you have a filing cabinet assigned to you or not. If you don't have one assigned to you, you should drop the whole idea and move on.

    However, if you have one assigned to you, then you need to go on and take action. Go ahead and look at the cabinet for a while think of all the things that you can do with it. Chances are, you will come to the conclusion which would state that you should cover the whole thing with some cool cloth, or paint/draw on it.

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    Now if you decided that you want to cover it with a cloth or something like that, you need to go ahead and take measurements of the whole thing. Make sure you measure it properly and then go on and buy the appropriate cloth and cover the cabinet with it.

    Alternatively, if you choose to draw on the cabinet, you can do so as you please. You can choose to use the office supplies, or bring in equipment to help you do this from home.

    However, you need to ensure that you don't make a mess or end up destroying other objects in the office, since that could cause a problem for you later on.

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    You also want to make sure that the office has given you permission to go on and add modifications to your cabinet, or you could end up having quite a few problems later on.

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