How to Do a Card Trick

The game of cards has been around since 9th century, being invented in ancient China. As the game gained popularity, it was played throughout Asia by the 11th century. Despite the fact that this game is presently common in almost every part of the world, there are many who do not know much about card tricks. Although there is no rocket science involved in card tricks, but they still prove to be quite puzzling. Before you learn about doing these card tricks, it is good to learn about playing cards first.


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    Getting started

    First of all you should know about the type of cards. They are generally classified into four; Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. In a total of 52 cards, there are 13 of each type including one joker. Before you play tricks with the cards, remember it is not actually the trick that counts, rather it is how you play them!

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    Impromptu Tricks

    These tricks are those that are without any prior planning. According to the definition of Impromptu related to card tricks, we can say that these tricks do not require any preparation and are played according to the situation. There are about 53 impromptu tricks and some of them are as follows:

    Magical Cut
    Quick Flip
    Vanishing Card
    Magic Breath
    Magic Riffle

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    Mathematical Tricks

    There are a number of mathematical problems that require certain tricks for solving. Similarly there are some card tricks that are based on the principles of mathematics. There are about 16 such tricks and some very common ones are listed below:

    The 4 Ace Extravaganza
    Impossible Card Location
    The Lazy Magician
    Math Magic
    Magic Numbers

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    Mental Tricks

    It is your mind that controls everything. And the basic purpose of these tricks is to utilize your mind to play a game that will be a sure shot winner! There are about 18 mental tricks in total while some commonly used are as follows:

    Deck Predictor
    Easy Eights
    Paper and Predictions
    Psychic Prediction

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    Memory Tricks

    Considering that a human mind can remember a limited number of things, there are a few things that should be kept in mind when playing memory tricks. The four available memory tricks available are:

    Mind Reading
    What's on Your Mind
    The Six Guessed Cards
    Triple Threat

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    Self-Working Tricks

    There are certain tricks that are played by themselves if a certain pattern is followed, and self working tricks are one of them. Out of 33 of those in total, some commonly used ones are as under:

    Magic Partner
    Magic Pockets
    Mirror Image
    Poker Trial
    Three Card Match

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    Sleights Index

    You use your hands to play the game of cards, and they can do a number of tricks. Generally speaking, these tricks include certain shuffles and passes and are about 25 in total. Some of the very common ones are listed below:

    Double Lifts
    False Cut
    False Shuffle
    Greek Shift
    Invisible Deck

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    Master List

    As we say practice makes someone perfect so the more you play the game of cards, the more it will add up to your expertise. Being a master, you ought to have a good grip on almost all the types of tricks. Some difficult ones are listed as under:

    Second Chance
    Quick Change
    Follow the leader
    Smack the Stack

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