How to Do a Chinese Fire Drill

The Chinese fire drill became very popular after 1950s. It is performed by the individuals who are sitting in a car and the drill is used to express the notion of high spirits. Unlike the drills of fire fighters, this drill takes place at the traffic signals and last until the light has turned green. Depending upon the type of company you are having in the car right now, the fire drill is considered one of the most amazing ways to pass the time as it helps you get rid of time.


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    Park the care properly at the traffic signal

    Performing fire drill does not mean that you will do anything against the law. Keep in mind that you have to follow the law every time and there are no exceptions. In order to make your fire drill successful, it is of considerable value that you park the car at a traffic signal properly. You must follow all the instructions and never violate a traffic law. You must make sure that you have parked the car properly on the traffic signal and your car is in the proper lane.

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    Unbuckle your seat belt

    After you have parked the car properly, you must unbuckle your seat belt as there is only a little time for the fire drill. Remember that the traffic signal is not going to be red forever, so you must immediately unbuckle your seat belt in order to get out of the car as quickly as possible. It is strongly advised that you do not waste any time and unbuckle your seat belt immediately after the traffic signal has turned red.

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    Get out of the car

    After you have unbuckled your seat belt, you must immediately get out of the car along with your fellows and start moving in a circle. You should also make sure that not everyone is running in the same direction otherwise the fire drill would not be effective. You must ask your fellows to run in different directions to cover maximum area.

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    Do crazy things

    The best part of the fire drill is doing crazy things. You can shout all you want and raise your hands. You can make any type of noise. Just keep in mind the crazier your activity the more effective will be your fire drill.

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    Get into car before the green signal

    You must get into the car before green signal and fasten your seat belt to be on your way.

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