How to Do a Total Body Cleanse

Doing a total body cleanse from time to time will help you stay in perfect physical condition by eliminating toxins and waste products from the digestive tracts of your body. Although you may not be very comfortable doing a total body cleanse, the results would be very beneficial if you are able to do it completely and consistently.

Things Required:

– Psyllium husk capsules
– Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables
– Lemon juice, olive oil, spices
– Raw food
– Fresh juices
– Mesh strainer (if required)


  • 1

    Immediately discontinue the use of packaged, processed foods, fatty foods and sugars as soon as you plan to do the total body cleanse. For better results, the minimum gap between you discontinuing junk food and starting the total body cleanse should be at least one week. You might want to stop eating red meat and dairy as well at least one week before starting.

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    For the entire cleanse duration, keep taking psyllium husk capsules. The capsule will act to gently cleanse the intestinal tract without causing diarrhea or constipation. For information on the ideal dose, you should refer to the label instructions.

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    After starting, it would be in your best interest to eat only fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for the first two days. If you are finding it difficult to live on only fresh fruits and vegetables, consider steaming your food and seasoning it with lemon juice, olive oil, spices and even nutritional yeast. However, avoid the use of salt as much as possible.

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    On the third day of the total body cleanse, begin a purely raw food diet. Your aim would be to eliminate toxin build-up found in our foods and environment. You can eat literally anything as long as you make sure whatever you eat is one hundred percent raw.

  • 5

    Continue the raw food diet for exactly a week. On the tenth day of your total body cleanse, switch to a short and simple juice fast. Drink as much juice as you possibly can but make sure it is made of only organic fruits and vegetables. If your juicer is not capable of removing pulp, use a mesh strainer for removing the pulp. Stay on the juice diet from day ten to day twelve.

  • 6

    On the thirteenth day of your total body cleanse, switch from fresh juice back to raw food diet. To effectively prevent a shock to your digestive system, eat multiple smaller meals, chew the food thoroughly and drink as much quantity of water as possible. Continue the raw food diet for 5 days.

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    From day eighteen to day twenty one, add steamed fruits and vegetables back into your diet. This will complete the three weeks of your total body cleanse and you can return to your normal routine if desired.

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