How to Do Basic Karate Moves

Its night time and you are wondering somewhere away from your house in the dark. All of sudden you feel that you are being followed by someone. Later you realize that they are two to three people engulfing you and want to attack for any reason. Either you should have your hands up and let them dictate the terms or teach them lesson that they remember for ages by using some basic Karate moves. Some people think that learning Karate means learning how to fight. Instead, it means that you should be able to defend yourself if in case attacked by someone. Although Karate is a big science in itself but there are few moves that one can learn for self-defense.


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    The first thing to know is making upper block that aims to save from upper body like head, face, neck and chest. This is done by keeping your arms separately about 10cm away from your body at 45 degree and keeping shoulders relaxed.

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    The second move to learn in the middle block to protect your body below the neck in the belly area. This is done my moving your fists in action-reaction movement with palm facing upwards in the way shown.

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    Third important thing to know is the front kick aimed at the body of the attacker. It is made by putting the entire body weight behind the leg for extra power and thrust.

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    The fourth move that can actually have the opponent crash on the ground is a Groin kick. It is made by making a blow to the testicles that result in watered eyes, nausea and the legs contraction and often permanent injury to the testes.

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    Considering that most of us have strong elbows, so the elbow strike is another move that can surprise an attacking opponent by putting it strongly in front.

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    Other move that can stop an attacker running at you is by striking him with palm heel. This move is called Palm Heel Strike and made by placing your palm with its heel out in front on the attacker’s face.

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    If you are hugged by the enemy or attacker then it can be dealt through Escape from Bear Hug move. Simply you will sit on your knees and spring the attacker off your body.

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