How to Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises make strong muscles in and around lower area of a man’s pelvis. They are also known as pelvis floor exercises. Although they are not practiced commonly by men, if done they allow them to have better control on their pelvis muscles, thus overcoming urine leakage problem. Also, they can control ejaculation process during sexual  intercourse. However, exercise has to be done in a natural process of control, not stopping urination process by force.


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    Position While Urinating

    Kegel exercise for men is performed while standing in the urinating process. The crux is to control flow of urination or stopping of it in the middle and repeating the process knowing which muscles of pelvis are tightened. When you are halfway through urinating try to stop the process at once or try to control flow of the urination.

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    Identify Muscles Being Tightened

    While doing the exercise, your are likely to know which muscles around the pelvis are being tightened. Try to repeat the exercise in the same process and you will know the same muscles being tightened again and again. Repeat the process for a few times, unless you are finished with urination.

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    Do Not Squeeze Muscles

    While doing the exercise do not squeeze your buttocks or legs. Do not do the exercise if you do not feel comfortable with it. Although there is no serious risk of injuries, exerting force can cause tension in your muscles.

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    Relax Muscles

    You can relax muscles anytime during the day. It is better that you position yourself in a seating posture. You should contact your doctor if you feel your muscles strained. You can do the exercise even in your office, but try to be relaxed and free of any tension.

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    Urinate Completely

    Do not stop urinating completely during or after the exercise, and release all the urine from bladder. Stopping urinating completely can strain the muscles around pelvis or risk any other injury. Also, while exercising the exercise of tightening of muscles or relaxing them try to be alone and in a relaxed surroundings.

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