How to Do Leg Raises Properly

Working out and going to the gym is something that most people try to do. This is because they are looking to stay in top shape, in order to prolong their lives and to stay as fit as they can, for as long as they possibly can.

Working on abs is something that everyone does at the gym, since getting a good set of abs is just about everyone’s dream.

Leg raises are a part of your abdominals exercise routine. This is a type of work out that helps burn the fat in your belly, and gets you going.

However, the main problem with doing leg raises is the fact that not many people know how to do them, so they tend to make a whole lot of errors, when they try to do so.


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    Lay down

    The first step is to position yourself and to prepare your body to get its leg raises going. You can either lay down on a mat on the floor, or you can choose to use a bench if you have issues with using the floor as your base.

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    Place hands

    Now when you are in position and laying down on your back, the next step is to position your hands. Make sure that your hands are placed under your buttocks, with the palms of your hands facing downwards/ towards the ground.

    This is to help add support to your routine, and to make sure that you stay balanced throughout the exercise.

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    Now you need to start lifting your legs, preferably both of them together. Slowly lift your legs, and make sure that you don’t rush into the exercise.

    Keep going till your legs are pointed straight up, and get them as high as you possibly as you can.

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    Once your leg is as high as it possibly can, then the next step is to go on and bring the legs back down. Once again, don’t drop your legs down really fast, and make sure that you slowly and gradually make your legs come down.

    Try and keep resisting gravity and your legs urge to drop down, since this will help give you the best possible results.

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    Now you need to repeat these steps as many times as you can, in order to burn up your lower abs and get them shaped up.

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