How to Do Modern Eye Makeup

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. However, not many are gifted with expressive eyes. But you can always highlight them with the help of make-up.

Beautiful eyes with appropriate make-up can completely change the expression of a woman’s face and can turn an ordinary girl into a beautiful woman. So, eye makeup can add attractiveness to your entire personality.

Proper makeup can emphasize the natural shape of the eyes. Eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner helps to transform the colour and shape of the eyes. Eyes require care and attention as they are the most expressive part of the face.


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    Apply mascara on the lashes. Drive the brush from the base of lashes to the tips. Accentuate the shape of your eyes with the help of eye liner. Forget the black and greasy liners. Take the tips of the brush a little bit of mascara and lightly smudge it under the lower lashes.

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    It is not necessary to combine shadows of different tones. To make your eyes look beautiful, stick with the classic brown or ash-gray tone. Apply a shadow towards the inner corner of the eye to the outside and just slightly rub your fingertips in order to spread it. Try to apply the lightest tone of the shadow in order to check if it suits your eyes. Start from the base line to eyebrows. Apply a dark tone shadow at the outer corner of the eye.

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    Try to keep setting of your eyes as natural as possible. Try to make them look thicker and longer with the help of the make-up.  Ensure that your eyes look much larger and more expressive than ever. Even when you have limited time, choose a moment and pay attention to your lashes.

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    Apply the mascara slowly and carefully. Do not drive the brush from side to side. Start with the lower lashes. Hold the brush vertically (while trying not to get in eyes). Wait a few seconds until the ink dries and then do the same with the upper lashes.

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    If you are going to a party, you can use the old trick of Hollywood divas which never fails. Apply a white makeup pencil line along the lower lid of your eyes. Your eyes will look bright and shiny.

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