How to Do Renvers on Horseback

Have you ever carried out renvers on your horseback? If not, then you must try it for sure as it is fun and good for your horse’s overall health and performance. Renvers, also referred as haunches-out, is basically an aggregate movement to lithe and smooth down your horse. Not only it is appreciated and required in a number of upper-level dressage tests, but a fantastic work out to train your horse at home. Make sure that your horse walks properly with the front leg to the inside of the arena, bending to the outside of the arena.


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    Loosen up your horse

    First of all warm up your horse’s back and neck by riding small (about 10 meter) circles at the walk. However, make sure not to over-bend your horse. Bend to an angle where you would be able to just see the horse’s eye, but not the entire front section of his face.

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    Achieve the Proper Bend

    Now keep your inside leg firm and use the outside leg to push your horse in the forward direction. It helps in pulling off the desired bend.

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    Walk Your Horse

    Hold the bend in place and walk your horse along the straight side of the arena, staying about 10 meters away from the wall or rail on the external side of the showground. At this moment, make similar small circle right towards the outer side of the arena and get back to the position from where you started the walk. Now, smooth down your reins and persuade your horse to move frontward. Position your horse as if to turn in the outer direction, keeping your leg (the one towards the inside of the arena) a little at the back of the girth. Now cue your horse in order to get his hind leg right beneath him.

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    Keep your horse moving forward

    Keep your hand steadfastly on your horse reins and do not let him actually turn around. Keep your leg (the one that is toward the outside of the arena) resolutely on your horse’s side at the cinch to cue the horse in order to turn him in the proper manner. Make sure not to bend the horse too much and avoid too many steps in the forward direction.

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    Observe your horse's positioning

    Once you perform the above activity properly, your horse should be in a position with his tail towards the outer side of the arena and his hind legs underneath him. Moreover, his front end should be towards the inner side of the arena. In case, if your horse is in an over-bend pose, loosen your legs, letting him straighten out and start over.

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