How to Document a Software Application

Software is created with a proper process and that is called a System Development Life Cycle. It means that any project or a software development will have to go through structured processes before it can be closed down officially. Every project has a timeline that is to be followed which is usually represented by a Gantt chart. Each process of System Development Life Cycle has to be completed within its limit so that the entire system can structured within the specified time period. However, a small amount of slack time is always allotted to activities so that there is ample time for any unwanted events to tackle.


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    Project Planning

    Document everything that is part of the planning process. It contains the entire road map that will be followed for the software development. You will allocate resources to the process and there details are to be documented. Resources can be the requirement gathering team, the sales team and the developers that will be part of the software development process. You will have to define the hierarchy of their task and everything related to the planning phase.

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    Requirements Gathering

    The team associated to the task of software development will send their analysts to the customer and gather the requirements. All those requirements should be documented and a signature from the customer is to be taken that will guarantee you and assist you if some additional thing is asked by the client.

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    Design Phase

    Codes are to be documented and all sorts of prototypes plus the discussions and minutes of meetings are to be documented in the design phase. Everything is on paper at the moment and no code is written in the system at the moment.

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    Development Phase

    Codes are typed in the system and the software’s layout is developed. Everything is made ready. So the entire process of bringing logic into the development is to be documented in this phase.

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    Integration and Testing

    Any flaws that are found are to be documented so if something like that happens in some other development phase then the documents could be consulted to mine the solution.

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    Installation and Acceptance

    The software is handed over to the customer and a sign-off is taken from him/her. It is to be documented and kept in the same file as the rest of the documents so that everything is integrated and not scattered.

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