How to Dress for a Candle Party

Candle parties generally provide an opportunity for fun and excitement. Most people often get stressed about what to wear to a candle party. In the presence of close friends, people think that dressing does not matter. However, dressing up appropriately and comfortably certainly enhances your looks. You can never afford to wear a dress that makes you uncomfortable and spoils your whole experience at the party. Follow these simple instructions to get some good ideas of what to wear to a candle party.


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    When going for a candle party, avoid dressing up in grubby or lounge clothing. Even though the party atmosphere at candle parties is relaxing and fun, you cannot make yourself look overly relaxed by showing up in pajamas and a full sized shirt, unless the theme dictates it.

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    Do not dress in your Sunday best. You will be overly dressed if you show up in your best dress or pant suit, heels and jewellery galore. There is a time and a place for fancy outfits, a candle party is not one of them.

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    Consider wearing comfortable clothing, such as casuals. Wear pants or a skirt that you will feel comfortable sitting in and are easy to bend or move around. Make sure that your waistband has enough room for a cookie and some punch!

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    Always be prepared to take off your shoes. If your hostess has a no shoe rule in the house, you will want to have toes or socks that are pleasing to the eye. It is always a good idea to wear socks that are free from holes and have your toes manicured if you are barefoot.

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    Different venues like bars or hotel halls have set up some rules relating to dressing for participating in candle parties. Make sure you get information from your host about the dress code for the candle party. If you don't have a particular style of dress that might be required then you can always just borrow it from some friends. If your budget allows it, you can always buy a new outfit just for the candle party.

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    However, if there is no dress code then you can wear anything you like and enjoy the gathering at the candle party. Do not become over conscious about your dressing especially when all of your close friends are around. You will simply be enjoying a chit chat with your buddies without being too concerned about your dress.

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