How to Dress Like Queen Latifah

Dana Elaine Owens, more commonly known as Queen Latifah, is a 43-year-old American singer, rapper, model, comedienne and actress. Although she possesses a heavy figure that stands out among the slimmer silhouettes of her female Hollywood peers, Queen Latifah is extremely attractive and is proof that style comes in all sizes. A full-bodied beauty, Queen Latifah has a wonderful dressing sense which accentuates her curvaceous figure. She knows how to carry herself in public, and enhances her natural beauty by donning amazing outfits. Her style is emulated by plus-sized women everywhere, and the way she dresses can serve as a great guide for women who want to look beautiful and confident, regardless of their size.


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    In order to flatter your body and enhance your curves, you should opt for fabrics that flow flatteringly over your body, like silks. Queen Latifah does not make any attempts to hide her curves - she opts for high-quality fabrics and classic cuts, in order to show her beauty off to the max, with flair and confidence.

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    Flared pants

    Queen Latifah loves to wear pants that are fitted at the top and flare out a little bit at the ends. The fitted element at the top accentuates her curves, and the flare at the end balances the look out. Tapered pants may make you look top heavy; therefore, it is recommended that you avoid them, if you idealize Queen Latifah’s looks.

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    High heels

    You can make your legs appear highly attractive and extra-feminine with the help of high heels. Make sure you have high heels in different styles and colours in your wardrobe, and choose the heels according to the occasion or event you will be attending. However, you must ensure that your shoes suit the dress you are wearing.

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    If you have closely observed Queen Latifah's style, you will have noticed that she uses extremely trendy accessories, which enhance her outfits and add to their appeal. While selecting the accessories, however, you must take into account your body type and height. Queen Latifah is a tall and heavy-set woman, and the often chunky accessories that she uses may not suit women who are shorter, or slimmer.

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    Carry yourself with confidence

    The secret behind Queen Latifah’s gorgeous personality is her self-confidence and the way she carries herself. You should wear whatever makes you feel confident, sexy, elegant and relaxed. Spending a little extra on outfits that suit your personality and body type is worth it.

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    Do not hide your beauty

    If you are beautiful, you should not hesitate to flaunt it. Wear outfits that show off your best features,  rather than hiding yourself in floppy, over-sized clothes.

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