How to Drive a Manual Car

Manual Cars are a thing of the past, however if you are forced to drive one under some special circumstances, you should have the basic know how. Doing so is not something difficult, but if you are new to this, this article definitely deserves a read.


  • 1

    As you are seated, adjust your back view mirror as well as the side mirrors along with the seat. This is the very first thing you have to do while driving any car.

    Getting started
  • 2

    Since the car would be parked so make sure that you do not start while it is in a certain gear. Before starting the car first bring the lever into the neutral position.

    Same in all manual cars
  • 3

    If you do not know about the neutral position of the gear lever, try bringing it in the center. If you feel that it is free while in the center then this is the Neutral position of the lever.

    Neutral gear in in the center
  • 4

    Start the car now. You can also start the car being already in the gear but if you are a beginner then it is advised to start the car in neutral gear.

    Keep in Neutral position
  • 5

    As you have started the car, press the clutch and swiftly put the gear in to the 1st gear. If your car is right hand drive the 1st gear will be at the extreme left.

    Press and release swiftly
  • 6

    Now slowly releasing the clutch, push the accelerator and get the car moving. Hold the steering firmly so as to avoid the car bumping into something.

    Push as you release clutch
  • 7

    Once the car moves from the rest position, immediately put it into the second gear, moving your hand down in the opposite direction but the same line as that if the first gear.

  • 8

    Pushing the accelerator, you will feel the car gaining speed so shift the car into the 3rd gear that will be the northwards of the neutral position. If required, shift into the 4th gear that is in the opposite direction of the 3rd gear.

  • 9

    Be informed that to drive in 3rd or 4th gear, you should be on the highway or the main road otherwise it is safe to drive in the 2nd gear.

  • 10

    If you wish to stop the car, first PRESS THE BREAK AND NOT THE CLUTCH. When you feel the car is breaking motion, bring it into a lower gear or simply at the neutral position.

    First press break then clutch

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