How to Easily Moisturize Your Feet

There are many ways to make your feet beautiful. You can always get a pedicure from a beauty clinic to get the desired results. However, a decent foot massage can also be performed at home with minimum number of things required.

You just need a tub of warm water and the set of items which include foot scrub, massage lotion and a moisturizing lotion. The process helps in relaxing your feet after a hectic routine and it is extremely easy also. It will also help in reducing cracks on your feet.


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    Gather all items needed

    First of all, you need to gather all the items required for moisturizing your feet. The main items required include a foot scrub, a massage lotion and a moisturizing lotion. This is important as when you have soaked your feet in hot water, it will become difficult for you to go out and find things.

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    Place your feet in warm water

    Fill in a small tub with warm water. When the tub is half- filled, place your feet in it. You should keep your feet in the tub for about five minutes so that any impurities are removed. Rub your toes and fingers so that any dirt in between the fingers is wiped out.

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    Apply foot scrub

    Firmly apply the foot scrub to your feet. Make sure you cover the toes, fingers, heels and ankles of the feet. Do not rub the scrub too hard as that could cause irritation to your skin afterwards. It is also important to determine what type of skin you have before you apply the scrub as sensitive types of skin should be treated lightly.

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    Apply massage lotion

    Wash your feet with warm water to make sure the foot scrub is cleaned away. Now apply massage lotion in the same way as you applied the scrub. Rub the feet gently and massage your feet for a good five minutes. Rinse your feet with the warm water in the tub.

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    Apply moisturizing lotion

    After drying your feet with a towel, apply moisturizing lotion. Make sure you take the right amount of moisturizer to apply to your feet.

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