How to Enjoy the Boston Public Library

Established in 1848, the central branch of the Boston Public Library network happens to be the oldest public library in the United States of America. Apart from being the first publicly financed municipal library in the country, Boston Public Library was the first library to have allowed people to borrow books and other materials to be read at home. There are a number of things which differentiate the Boston Public Library from other libraries, as it possesses a courtyard, a beautiful museum and a massive study area. You can soak yourself in history for hours in the Boston Public Library, without realising the time going by.


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    First of all, you should register yourself with the library and get a membership card in order to fully enjoy all the facilities available at the Boston Public Library.

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    Study in the library

    If you are not able to concentrate on your studies at home and your exams are just around the corner, Boston Public Library is the place to go for you. It has a large space to study and discipline is strictly observed. There will be no disturbance and you can fully focus on your studying.

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    Prefer the old section of the library

    The Boston Public Library basically has two sections. The old section used to cater to all the readers at the same time but as the city grew, they constructed a new section, which can be distinguished through its concrete exterior. Quite naturally, the old section is extremely rich in history; therefore, in order to enjoy the Boston Public Library, you should prefer reading in the old section.

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    The courtyard, located in the middle of the Boston Public Library is quite a spectacle. It is an extremely peaceful place and you will be amazed at how quiet it is there. The courtyard is equally accessible from the new section as well as the old one as it is present in the middle of the two. It also possesses a small pool, surrounded by tables and gardens.

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    Visit the exhibitions

    The Boston Public Library hosts a number of exhibitions each year. You can have a great time during these free exhibitions and may even take along some of your family members or friends. Go to the library’s official website and look at the calendar to get the desired information about upcoming exhibitions.

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