How to Establish Influence from Scratch

All of us at some point in time need to have some influence on others. It is a necessity in life that we have even if we do not like. It often comes with responsibilities that are best owed upon us and in order to deliver we must be able to command others to move in the right direction.

We often come across situations where we realise that a little influence on others will be great for us yet we have no say. In order to build our influence on others, be it coworkers or subordinates, we must have a consistent and clear cut approach.


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    Know Your Position

    You need to have influence because of a certain situation you are in. Know the importance of your position and when you come in contact with those that you need to have an influence on; be sure that you express the importance of what you are doing. You do not need to blow your own trumpet but do let them know, even if it is done in an indirect manner.

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    Be Professional

    It is nice to be approachable and being friendly but you must maintain a certain amount of professionalism. Being polite in general is a part of that and cracking a light joke every now and again is perfectly all right, after all no one wants a boss who has a swollen face all the time. But be sure that you do not get friendly to the point where people start taking you easy. Be sure to be serious when a matter of importance in being discussed.

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    Be Firm

    Never make decisions in haste. Think seriously on each matter and come up with a decision of substance and then be firm on it. It is important that you have a clear decision making process as this will also give confidence to those who are working for you.

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    Do Not Lose Your Temper

    There are always time when it is easy to lose your temper and let it all out. However, it is best that you keep your calm and do no such thing. If there is a situation when a person needs to be given a dressing down, do it in a professional manner and without hurting the other person’s feelings. This will help you gain more respect and your influence will be more than ever.

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