How to Exercise With Injured Knee

If your injured knee gives you a lot of trouble and hurts when you go up and down the stairs, there are a host of ways to exercise. If you have suffered an injury that has permanently harmed your knee, or you have a knee that usually inflames itself whenever you feel like playing, there are still methods to exercise and enjoy the beautiful winter weather outside. There are a number of effective ways to exercise when you have a hurt knee.


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    Skating using Rollerblades

    Rollerblading is not that damaging to the knees when compared to jogging or running, particularly when it is done for a normal distance and time period. You can maintain it to level surface trails and sidewalks, or you can use force with a hill or two. In any case, you are developing your back end muscles and your quadriceps, which will aid you in taking pressure off your knees in other circumstances.

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    If you keep your bike in a smaller gear, then you can cover long distances with less pain. If you choose a higher gear in your ride, you end up putting more stress on your knee every time you push down the pedal. As a result of this, change the gear to go upwards on a hill. This way you will lessen the pain on your injured knee.

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    Walk with weights on

    Walking with weights can raise the stress of your walk if you see you can no longer endure your routine jog or run. Hand and ankle weights are an option that you can find in sports and fitness stores. The weights are available in light and heavy weight categories.

    Pace walking and moving your arms as you do when you jog will also raise your heart beat level. Arm movement and weights increase the level of your work out and exercise. On the other hand, you will feel challenged walking in this manner as you would when you go for a run.

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    Pilates classes and videos to exercise at home is also an effective method to exercise without causing stress on your knees. The strengthening and stretching of the leg muscles will help your injured knee in the long run. A few pilates work outs are more favourable than others, and the difficult ones will leave your breathing haplessly and burning more calories.

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