How to File Your Federal Taxes For Free Using Efile

While some individuals still choose the old-fashioned and time consuming technique of determining earnings tax and filing in the income tax forms manually. However, over the last few years people have shown great interest in choosing to use tax computer applications to determine their earnings tax and send the computer-generated forms digitally by e-file. Almost 80% of filers choose to file their tax form electronically last year. If you are looking to file your federal tax on earnings, you will be glad to know that the steps involved are extremely simple.


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    Before doing anything else, you will require some information about the tax refund you have claimed. Get your social security or individual tax payer ID number from the file at the Internal Revenue Services. This is usually located on the very first page. Next, consider determining the process and lastly, find your actual income as you will need to put down that amount on the tax form.

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    Next, decide if you want to file your tax online or over the phone. If you would like to look at the IRS web page and choose the appropriate category on the website. You will see a link in the Sources area at the end of the page. If you would like to speak to one of the customer services members, consider contacting the IRS state office hotline. This hotline usually operates between Monday and Friday from 9AM to 10PM.

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    If you have decided to check the status of your tax refund online, it is recommended to simply get the details already mentioned in step 1. Fill the empty fields with appropriate information and click the send button at the end of the page. If the application is unable to locate your details, it will ask you for some more details such as your full name, ID number or the date when you sent your tax application by email or post. If the program still cannot verify your information, it provides you with a contact phone number to give the support and assistance required.

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    If you have made the decision to file your tax over the phone, consider telling the CSR the situation you are in and why you want to know the status of your tax filing. They will enter your details into their database and forward your query to the appropriate department.

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