How to Fill a Liquor Flask

To fill up a liquor flask is a little bit tricky as everyone cannot do it properly without knowing the specific method. Most people spill the wine while pouring it into the liquor flask and thus they waste a considerable quantity. There are many reasons behind this as the most important one is the shape of flask. Most liquor flasks have narrow mouths or openings and it becomes challenging to fill these flasks without wasting wine.

However, there are many methods to avoid wasting liquor while filling it into the flask. There are certain tools which are used to fill the flask in an appropriate manner. These tools have made it quite simple to fill the liquor flask in an easy and quick manner without facing any problem at all.

If you are also having the same problem and find it difficult to fill your liquor flask then you should learn the method for doing this task in a hassle free way. With the help of this simple method, you will be able to fill your liquor flask in less than a couple of minutes.

What you need is to get a funnel which will make the whole process easy for you. For making it even more convenient, you can buy a liquor flask that has already funnel fixed at their openings which makes it easy to pour in liquor in an easy fashion.

Things Required:

– Liquor flask
– Liquor or wine
– Flask funnel (or a small funnel of any type)


  • 1

    First of all, you need to place the flask on a stable or flat surface and remove its cap to insert the pointed end of flask funnel into its mouth or opening. You can also use any type of funnel if you do not have liquor flask with funnel.

  • 2

    Now you need to open the bottle or vessel of liquor or wine and hold it properly into your hands. Now carefully hold the funnel of liquor flask and start pouring the liquor from the vessel or bottle into the funnel.

  • 3

    Flask funnels usually have shorter stems and you have to keep checking the liquor flask by keeping an eye on it to avoiding over-pouring the liquor into the flask.

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    When you see that the flask gets filled with liquor and there is no need to pour in more liquor, cap the flask or, if you like, use the drink as desired.

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